Angus MacBran

Full name: Angus MacBran
Born in: 1716
Birthplace: Ploc Loch Aillse(Plockton)
Spouse: Mári MacBran
Profession: Fisherman
Crafts: Fishing, preparing leather, preparing metal

Angus is born in 1716 in Ploc Loch Aillse(nowadays Plockton).
He has one younger sister, Ann. His father is a fisherman, his mother housekeeper.
Every day he goes fishing at te lake with his father(mostly herring and whitefish).
They have an additional income, they let their boat to bring people and their cargo.
Togheter they just earn enough to rent a piece of land of the tacksman, wherat his father build a house.
In 1734 he met Mári from Duirinish, where she lived with her parents and younger stepbrother and stepsisters at a small piece of land with a few animals.
They married in 1735 and lived a year with Angus’ parents and sisters until they got a house of their own.
Angus still fishes with his father, his wife does the housekeeping, takes care of the few animals they have and takes care of their children.
Oldest son Iain was born in 1736, son Murray in 1738, son Mick in 1740 and daughter Maisie in 1743.