William MacBran

William MacBranWilliam MacBranWilliam MacBranWilliam MacBran

Full name: William Jock MacBran
Year of birth: 1714
Birthplace: Kilmaree (Kilmarie) Isle of Skye
Skills: tries to make and do as many things himself, from leatherworks to cooking.

Tacksman , has a tacklease (a piece of land) of Ian MacKinnon (John MacKinnon of MacKinnon).
William has 15 tennants, who in their turn lease a bit of land from William, William lives of the extra rent he gets paid by his tennants.
On his own piece of land he has a little cottage, in which he lives.
He grows his own crops, consisting of vegetables and wheats (oats, barley, etc.) and raises some cattle, which is attended and raised by Williams tennants as part of their lease.
In times of war, William delivers 25 fighting man to Ian MacKinnon.
William lost his father in the rising of 1719, his father had paid for a tacklease on a piece of land till 1728, which is why William and his mother could live there until 1728.
In 1728 William took over the lease.

William owes his fightingtechniques and tactical insight to Ian MacKinnon, to whom he is loyal.
William learned a lot from Ian and considers him as a second father.
On one day William met Fingal MicKinnon and his son Angus and daughter Pauleen at the cattlemarket, where William was on business for Ian.

William married a fishermans daughter and learned how to make fishing nets, William and his wife made lots of nets for local fishermen.
When his wife died, William kept the business going, but on a smaller scale.

In 1745 William joined the regiment of John MacKinnon of MacKinnon and marched with them to Edinburgh.
The regiment was added to the MacDonald of Keppoch regiment.
In march 1746 (just before the battle of Culloden) the MacKinnon of MacKinnon regiment was detached from The MacDonald of Keppoch regiment and together with the MacGregors and MacDonnels of Barisdale they got send to the North to retrieve Bonnie Prince Charlies gold.
A small amount of the MacKinnon of MacKinnon regiment stayed behind to support the army of Bonnie Prince Charlie at the battle of Culloden, this included William.
After the battle of Culloden, the MacKinnons flee via the Rutven barracks to the Isle of Skye.