What we do

We are a group of re-enactors, that have chosen to re-enact the period of the Jacobites ( end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th century). The setting of the group is a Jacobite camp, in which we demonstrate the daily life of that period.

You can think of things like:
Preparing and cooking food
Sailor cooking dinner Stew pigroast

Different crafts
Basket weaving Woodcarvings Smithing Netting Washing sewing Soapmaking Butterchurning

Weapons and their fighting techniques.
charge weaponsrack

The camp and tents.
* Demonstrations of the clothing like: the Great kilt/ Belted plaid (men) and the Arisaid (women).

What is re-enactment and Living History?

Living history is reliving history. Specific in this is that a particular place and period are depicted in their totality. Based on research we try to live exactly as men did in those times. This means that clothing as well as all materials are historically correct. We picture the life of persons of this period without really imitating a particular person. We render persons and crafts of the relevant periods. These periods generally cover 10 to 50 years, depending on the industrial evolution of the relevant period.

Re-enacting is similar. The difference is that usually we re-live battles or events of the history, following a pre-planned scenario or following a free story. The major difference with the living history is that we do not depict common life, but that we try to imitate events of history as true as possible.

It often happens that in the first group we mostly find hobbyists who depict the common citizen, the population or the artisan. On the other hand the second group is concentrated on militarism, historical events or battles.