Iain MacBran

Full name: Iain MacBran
Born in: 1736
Birthplace: Ploc Loch Aillse(Plockton)
Profession: Ghillie to William MacBran
Crafts: learns swordfighting, caretaking of animals , knotting fishing-nets


Iain is the oldest son of Angus and Mári MacBran.
He is working as Ghillie for tacksman William MacBran.
William will teach him how to read and write.
He will be doing all kinds of tasks, for example helping William bring the rentletters to the tennants.
He also will learn how to swordfight and other fighting techniques.
He learns this so he can defend himself in the future when he will collect the rent from the tennants.
As he will be carrying money, he will be a target for robbers.