Ann MacBran

Ann MacBranAnn MacBran

Full name: Ann Margret MacBran
Born in: 1718
Birthplace: Near Ploc Loch Aillse ( now known as Plockton)
Crafts: Woolworks, herbalknowledge, all domestic works, dairymaid, netting.

Ann was born into a fishermans family, both parents are still alive.
Her father and older brother go out to sea, to catch as much fish as they can (mainly herring and whitbait).
Sometimes they sail on to Greenock or even Glasgow, a journey of approximately 300 miles, to get a better price for their fish, but most of the times they don't have to sail that far.
Because they live aproximately 7 miles from Caol loch Aillse (the crossing to the isle of Skye, most of the time they can sell their fish easily.
Ann's father rather rents out his boat to ferry people and goods across to and from Skye, because that earns him more money.
Ann's father and brother earn just enough money together to rent a small piece of land of a tacksman.
Ann's father built a small cottage on the land, it's not big, but luckily it is built on a good spot.
Close to a natural harbour, but not on a big route.
Ann often isn't at home, she always tries to get a job as maid or dairymaid at the larger farms in the region.
All income is necessary and mother manages the household on her own.